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Much more than a martial art for us.
It's a lifestyle for you.

Gracie Barra comes from Brazil to Broomfield, CO to share everything we know about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – BJJ with you and your family. Through the conviction that everyone can and should evolve as persons, we inhabit an intimidating space known as the “outside of the comfort zone” to most.

From 3 years old and up, we all decided to be different. Either learning proved anti-bullying or self-defense techniques. Every member that steps in our Jiu Jitsu Gym is making a statement to themselves, challenging who we are today, so we can become more, mentally and physically, tomorrow.

As a team, Gracie Barra can provide all the support needed to overcome your current personal goals and set new ones. Moreover, in a clean and safe environment, you will find little to no reason to not gift yourself the opportunity to grow with us.

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Probably the BEST BJJ school in Colorado. Professor Jefferson Moura is a 6th Degree BJJ blackbelt that brings knowledge straight from the source and has unmatched coaching and competition experience. He was the one heading Gracie Barra in Brazil after Carlos Gracie Jr moved to the US and brings all of that to his school here. He is one of the most graduated BJJ professors in the US and is just opening his school here in Colorado. As someone who has trained with multiple professors around the country and internationally, I couldn’t recommend this school enough.

Jorge Azevedo

Phenomenal school – I can’t recommend it enough. For those not familiar with GB, the Gracie Barra structured curriculum is great for athletes at all levels of the game. Professor Moura (6-degree black belt) teaches with a serious focus on detail and provides feedback to everyone in the class, regardless of the size. I’m continually impressed with his command of Jiu Jitsu and his patience in teaching and coaching.

This gym itself is massive with all the amenities you’ll need – multiple mats with plenty of room to accommodate large classes. Bathrooms, changing rooms, water fountains, and sitting areas. What really ties the experience together are those who train here. When you’re on the mat you’re with an incredible community. Guys and gals that are incredibly generous, fun, and also competitive. You’ll immediately feel like a family here. Easiest 5 stars when it comes to a BJJ gym and a phenomenal workout.

Austin Barry

Just Had my first class today. Look I’m a big dude and I have NEVER done any martial arts including BJJ. My cardio is nonexistent. Professor Jefferson Moura was really great! Thoroughly with his explanation of the moves we were learning. He was patient with me, especially with my huffing and puffing. Lol Overall today with Professor Moura and Professor Lucas helping and also Ian. Everyone was great. I’m not necessarily looking to become a competitive BJJ student, but I would love to learn more and the workout is pretty great. I absolutely recommend anyone looking for a workout or furthering your BJJ knowledge, this is the school. It’s brand new, but it’s pretty great.

James Dorantes

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